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Recent Work

Following my studies at University College Dublin, I joined John Murray's team as a cameraman and drone pilot on Wild Ireland: The Edge of The World (2017) which won numerous awards including Best Natural History Film at the Grierson Awards 2017 and also received an Emmy nomination for 'Outstanding Cinematography'. This success launched me on a run of documentaries, including “A Wild Irish Year” (2018), “The Game: The Story of Hurling (2018), and The Hunger The Story of The Irish Famine (2020), a documentary by Ruán Magan, which won Best International documentary at DOC LA 2021.


More recent work includes A Note For Nature (2023) and Ireland's Wild Islands, both documentaries winning 'Best Specialist Factual' the Royal Television Society Awards for 2023 and 2024. 

The Game: Hell For Leather                                                 2023/2024

Wild Transylvnania                                                                          2023

Our Blue World                                                                               2023

Tommy Tiernan’s Epic West                                                           2022

A Note For Nature                                                                          2022

Green Island, White Desert                                                            2022

The Wild Gardener                                                                        2021 

Ireland's Wild Islands                                                            2021/2022

Cheap Irish Homes                                                                    2021

The Shelter: Animal SOS                                                   2020/2021

Christy Ring: Man and Ball                                                         2020

World's Most Scenic River Journeys                                         2020

The Hunger - The Story Of The Irish Famine                   2019/2020

Big Bend - America's Wildest Frontier                                      2019

Europe's New Wild                                                                      2018   

The Game - The Story of Hurling                                               2018

A Wild Irish Year                                                                          2018

Wild Ireland                                                                                 2017

The Farthest                                                                                2017   

Wild Cities                                                                                   2016


Ireland's Wild Islands

  • Winner: Specialist Factual – Royal Television Society Awards Ireland 2024


A Note for Nature 

  • Winner: Specialist Factual – Royal Television Society Awards Ireland 2023


The Hunger: The Story of The Irish Famine 

  • Winner: Best International Documentary – DOC LA 2021

  • Winner: Best in Show – Accolade Global Film Competition 2021


Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World  

  • Emmy 2018 Nominee – Outstanding Cinematography

  • Winner Namur Film Festival Belgium  2018– Best of Festival

  • Winner Waimea Film Festival 2018 – Best Cinematography

  • Winner Grierson Award 2017 – Best Natural History Program


Emre Izat | Manager, Documentary Series - Netflix

'Brian is an absolute gem of a find - he has a phenomenal work ethic, a natural eye, and an insatiable appetite for improvement. He also has the best attitude in the field, suffers through biting insects and scalding sun with a broad smile and a song on his lips. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.'

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