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Brian O Leary

Based between Dublin, Bristol and Amsterdam

I split my time between working on blue-chip natural history projects, historical documentaries, cultural and travel programming. My most notable projects include on the multi-award-winning, Emmy nominated Wild Ireland -The Edge of The WorldThe Game - The Story of Hurling and The Hunger: The Story of The Irish Famine.  

My experience thus far has allowed me to develop an extensive knowledge of 4K shooting in both observational and stylised approaches, on a wide variety of cameras including the Arri Amira, RED Dragon, Sony FS7-FX9, Sony F55, Canon C700, Phantom 4K Flex, and the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 Drones. 

I have an EU driving license, am experienced in off-road driving, and am a qualified drone operator.


The Wild Gardener                                                                      2021   

Extreme Atlantic (In Production)                                          2021/2022

Cheap Irish Houses                                                                     2021

The Shelter: Animal SOS                                                   2020/2021

Christy Ring: Man and Ball                                                         2020

World's Most Scenic River Journeys                                         2020

The Hunger - The Story Of The Irish Famine                   2019/2020

Big Bend - America's Wildest Frontier                                      2019

Europe's New Wild                                                                      2018   

The Game - The Story of Hurling                                               2018

A Wild Irish Year                                                                          2018

Wild Ireland                                                                                 2017

The Farthest                                                                                2017   

Wild Cities                                                                                   2016

Recent Work


Emre Izat | Manager, Documentary Series - Netflix

'Brian is an absolute gem of a find - he has a phenomenal work ethic, a natural eye, and an insatiable appetite for improvement. He also has the best attitude in the field, suffers through biting insects and scalding sun with a broad smile and a song on his lips. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.'

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